Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sinag Printing meets Entrepreneur Philippines

By Shara Jane Falceso

I still remember last November when a staff from the very prestigious “Entrepreneur Magazine” called us and informed us that our story about Sinag printing winning the Natasa Prize last August will be published in their magazine.

I really can’t believe the fact that we will be featured in Entrepreneur Magazine! During the awarding ceremonies in Vienna, Austria last October 2011, where my bosses personally received the award, I emailed Ms. Leah del Castillo, Entrepreneur Magazine’s EIC, and Ms. Eileen Ang, their Managing Editor, sharing this very good news of Sinag winning an international award and soon enough I got this very encouraging email from non other than the EIC of Entrepreneur Magazine, and here was her reply:

Hello Shara,

Thank you very much for your e-mail.
Please know that we are considering the story of Sinag Publishing for a
future issue of the magazine.

Regards, Leah

Leah B. del Castillo
Editor in Chief
Entrepreneur Philippines

How great was that? So I’m really happy that she replied and I felt very optimistic after that ☺☺.

One week, two weeks, three weeks passed and we’ve received no call or email from them. So I thought that maybe, they just forgot about us or worse, they’re not really “interested” in our story.

But to my surprise, when November came, Entrepreneur called!

We felt ecstatic like “Wow! Ang galing!” And then Ms. Raia and Sir Ruel were interviewed by the writer who will do the story on Sinag printing! (This is it!)

Then a few weeks later, Ms. Eileen Ang, the Managing Editor, emailed us that there will be a photo shoot at Sinag Publishing and Printing Services’ compound on December 16, 2011.

The Photo Shoot

The photo shoot was an exciting day for all the Sinag family, we all got busy cleaning up our work spaces and preparing for the coming of the Entrepreneur people. We were thrilled by the presence of Ms. Ang and her team, composed of Kai Huang (the photographer) and Leo Quinones (the photographer’s assistant). Halogen lamps were all around the production area with this very large umbrella (diffuser). A few minutes after setting up all their equipment, they were ready and started the shoot. Ms. Raia and Sir Ruel both looked great in their business suits and they posed gracefully beside the Heidelberg Machine, the blood and life of Sinag Publishing and Printing.

Let me bring you behind the scenes of the photo shoot.

The photo shoot took only 15-20 minutes. Ms. Ang told us that the article about Sinag Printing will be out this March 2012. We are truly excited to have that edition of the magazine, and we are proud of ourselves for successfully doing our part to achieve something that we could all be proud of.

Here are some of our group pics after the Entrep. photoshoot.


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