Friday, July 1, 2011

My life with Sinag Printing

A Blog by our Sinag JTS Head Coordinator, Shara Jane Falceso

For over three years of being a leader in school, I was able to discover and learn helpful techniques on handling events. And now that I graduated from College, I'm quite fortunate that to some extent, I could still apply those techniques in this new episode of my life.

I personally find it challenging to have become the head coordinator for the Sinag Journalism Training Seminar (Sinag JTS), from preparations up to the big day of the event. The plan to launch the 2nd Sinag JTS started from brainstorming which eventually turns into an actual execution such as writing drafts of formal letters, coordinating with the invited participants and communicating with everyone involved in the preparation of the event.

I remember when I first spoke with Dr. Bermudez, the English Supervisor of DepEd Calamba. She was very delighted when I discussed to her the company's plan of having the 2nd Sinag JTS teamed up with DepEd Calamba.. And I, as the head coordinator felt relieved knowing that Dr. Bermudez spoke in behalf of DepEd Calamba, that they would definitely love to work with Sinag Printing for the attainment of our common goal, which is to provide the young journalists of Calamba City with free Journalism Training Seminars.

Since I've mentioned that Sinag JTS is a free event, let me take you to the time when I was communicating with the possible people who could help us with the finances, the politicians. Well this is one of the stages in preparation that really eats up my time aside from promoting the event (which is undoubtedly the most important). In order for them (the politicians) to hear or notice you, you have to consistently do follow-ups. And presto! It's all worth it. Thanks to those politicians who were kind enough to provide us with the tarp, food and monetary help. Just a tip: If you want a faster way to ask for sponsorship from a politician or from someone who is capable of providing monetary aid, you should be able to talk to them "personally" instead of just letting their secretaries (or gatekeepers as well call them) receive the letter and do the talking for you. And one more thing, a "backer" always helps. Hehe.

Time goes by and the Sinag JTS is fast approaching. I can feel the pressure, something that I have felt when I was the president of our program council in school. The only difference is that, I can still sleep well at night, knowing that the following day is the event we've all been waiting for a long time. And that is because, I know this time is different. This time I have powerful hands beside me and will help me until the succeeding years of the Sinag JTS. Thanks to my very supportive bosses, Mr. and Mrs. Landicho who respected my ideas and trusted me to be the Sinag JTS Head Coordinator.

Being a leader is not stressful at all if you have passion for your job. And I guess it applies to all things. The chance to be the head coordinator of a big event like the Sinag Journalism Training Seminar, is one in a million. And I'm glad this is a big part of my job here. Now I'm busy with preparations for our next big event this coming July 30 in Sta. Rosa City, Laguna -- our 3rd Sinag Journalism Training Seminar! See you all there!

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